Individual Support, Business Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Authentic Leadership

A plan is like a map.  It tells you what to expect and what alternative routes you can take to arrive at the same destination.
Planning helps you to work smarter rather that harder. It keeps you future oriented and motivates you to achieve the results you want.


Psychosocial Recovery Coach and Personal Goal Setting

With a lived experience, I aim to build a recovery-enabling relationship with clients based on hope, supporting them in the journey to discover a life full of meaning and purpose.

My role is to will help clients build on their strengths, knowledge, skills, resilience, problem solving and decision making capabilities.

Business Meeting

Strategic Planning and Business Coaching

Strategic planning is the ongoing process of documenting a business's intended direction. This process is used to prioritize efforts, effectively allocate resources and align key stakeholders on vision, purpose and values.

The purpose of business coaching is to identify the direction, methods, activities and actions the business intends to take in the next 12 months so that the objectives of its stakeholders can be achieved.