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Be Proud of Your Career

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

When I reflect on both my personal and professional life I feel an enormous sense of achievement and pride. I have always viewed my career as an opportunity to realise my full potential and deliberately tested my capabilities within different organisational cultures, industries and sectors.

By reflecting on your accomplishments you can approach starting a business with confidence that you have succeeded before and can succeed again.

After all, we each have strengths and developmental opportunities.

Early in my career, with a vision and a belief that I had something to offer I set about establishing my own business offering sales management training to SME's. Credibility has always been important to me so I knew that I needed to "walk the talk" if I was going to be successful. My business strategy was founded on retaining clients and generating word of mouth referrals and my business grew.

Over 10 years I had sales and profit growth with a diverse range of clients and more than 100 Health Clubs outsourcing their sales management function to my company. As a sole parent, my business provided me and my two sons with a wonderful lifestyle moving to Hamilton Island to test if the business was able to still grow when I removed myself out of it. I also ran "Dare To Live" and "Dare To Succeed" personal and business goal setting retreats on the Island.

With the strategic objective of selling my business, the health and fitness arm of the business was sold in 2000 and I needed to think about the "next challenge".

Helping individuals succeed and businesses to grow has always been my passion so it was hard to say no to a CEO role heading up a 'not for profit' business advisory service with contracts to the government. It was in this role that I worked with the Board and key stakeholders to re-brand the organisation and to set about building its reputation as a leading business support service facilitating success and significance for its clients. After building a brand with a solid reputation and collaborative partnerships we won the Office of Fair Trading award of “Best Business Association ( NSW).

We also ran Young Entrepreneur and Women in Business Mentoring Programs as well as Home Based Business Support and business readiness and business expansion programs.

It was in this role that I was approached by a top 30 ASX listed company to help support the success of their distributors businesses.

Without a doubt when I reflect on my career history, I have absolute clarity about my love for inspiring change in people and businesses for the better. My motto has always been, "When my clients succeed, so do I."

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