Wendy Coombe

Authentic Leadership

I have always viewed my career as an opportunity to realise my full potential and deliberately tested my capabilities within different organisational cultures, industries and sectors.

Helping individuals succeed and businesses to grow has always been my passion. I have worked with a diverse range of businesses and not for profits. Including running a Young Entrepreneur and Women in Business Mentoring Program and Home Based Business Support Program.

I have also worked with business owners around their business readiness, business expansion plans and commercialization programs.

In November 2014 my life changed. Prior to the events of that day, I held many senior positions across a number of industries. On that day my world changed forever. I was thrown into an alternative universe that was foreign to me. I went from a capable, confident, complex decision maker, high performing executive to Forest Gump barely able to speak without a stutter.

My professional life was intrinsically linked to my identity. Losing my professional life in that way was also like losing my identity. Needless to say, I deleted my LinkedIn profile and thought my world had come to an end.

The road back to good health has been a long one but finding meaning and purpose again was intrinsic to my recovery.

Without a doubt when I reflect on my career and business life, I have absolute clarity about my love for inspiring change in people and businesses for the better.